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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Топик Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии рассказывает о стране - наследнице Британской империи, самой крупной империи в истории, существовавшей в 19 – 20-х веках. Из топика вы узнаете о четырех странах и островках, входящих в Королевство, его географическом положении, прибрежных водах, о территории этого островного государства, численности его населения, ландшафте страны, ее горах, озерах, реках и климате.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on two large islands called the British Isles. The larger island is Great Britain, which consists of three parts: England, Scotland and Wales. The smaller island is Ireland and there are about five thousand small islands.

The country’s shores are washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Irish Sea. The English channel separate Great Britain from the continent.

The total area of the U.K. is 244.00 square kilometers with a population of 56 million. It is one of the most populated countries in the world. The average density of population is very high: about 220 people per square kilometer. The greater part of the population is urban. About 80 percent of people live in numerous towns and cities. More then seven million people live in London area. Very often the inhabitants of The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are called English.

The surface of the British Isles varies very mach. There are many mountains in Scotland, Wales and northwest of England but they are not very high. Ben Nevis in Scotland is the highest mountain. The northern part of Scotland is mountainous and is called the Highlands. Scotland is also famous for its beautiful lakes which are called Lochs.

The mountains in G.B. are not very high. There are many rivers in G.B., but they are not very long. The Thames is the deepest, the longest and the most important river in England.

The climate of G.B. is mild. It is not very cold in winter and hot in summer. The average temperature in January is about 5C above zero. February is the coldest month in the year. The summers are cool and rainy. July is the warmest month. There is much rain and fog in autumn and winter. October is the rainiest month in the year.