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Father's Day

Топик День отца рассказывает о празднике США, впервые праздновавшемся в 1909 году в городе Спокан, штата Вашингтон, как выражение признательности всем заботливым отцам Америки, участвующим в воспитании своих детей. Сейчас День отца празднуется в 3-е воскресенье июня. Все американцы в этот день посылают своим отцам подарки или открытки с готовым текстом, подобранным именно к этому празднику.

Father's Day comes on the third Sunday in June. It is not a national holiday on that day. Americans honour their fathers. Many people send their fathers a card or a gift. Americans are great letter-writers. Whatever happens in a family, they congratulate all the members. They congratulate people on Easter, Christmas and Whitsun. They do not have to possess great literary talent themselves, because one can find printed texts for all possible occasions. One may select and check any of these suggested texts: "Here's to Father: always loved, respected, and admired". "Warmest wishes for your happiness on Father's Day and ever after".

About 1909, the churches of Spokane, Washington, set aside the day to honour fathers. The custom soon spread throughout the United States and Canada. During the autumn, some colleges celebrate Dad's Day. They set aside a Saturday during the football season. On Dad's Day, they honour the fathers among the members and friends of the college.

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