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Do we still need literature at school

В топике Нужна ли литература в школе - я рассказываю о роли литературы в воспитании и развитии человека. Существуют два мнения: литература – важна и классическая литература - уже не современна. Если ребенок привыкает к чтению книг с детства, то он, скорее всего, станет интересным и образованным человеком, знающим произведения российских и зарубежных писателей и поэтов, а также культуру и историю России и других стран. Мнение критиков: классическая литература неинтересна новому поколению, программа до сих пор осталось прежней, чтение книг занимает много времени и т.д. Я считаю, что двух часов занятий литературой в неделю будет достаточно для старших классов средней школы.

Nowadays there are few literature classes in senior classes of secondary school. Some people claim that literature plays an important role in the upbringing and development of a person while others argue that present-day students don't need classical literature. Let's look upon this problem objectively.
There are some advantages in literature lessons. To begin with, literature broadens children's horizons. By reading a lot, they become all-round, well-educated persons who are interesting to talk to. Moreover, at literature lessons pupils get information about Russian and foreign writers and poets, learn about their culture and history of Russia and other countries. Another point to be made is that literature lessons improve memory and exercise brain power.
In contrast to this, this subject has some disadvantages. First of all, by the school program pupils have to study classical literature which describes life situations of grown-up people that's why they don't suit children's interests and age and they are unable to discuss and appreciate it properly. Furthermore, the program in literature hasn't been changing for years and students don't study the works of present-day writers which they are more interested in. In addition, students have to read a lot of very large books which takes a lot of time and effort, that's why they prefer watching screen versions and reading digests of the books.
To make a conclusion, there are as many strong as weak points in this problem. To my mind, we should have two hours a week devoted to literature lessons.

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