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Топик Азербайджан рассказывает о чудесной стране, богатой красивыми пейзажами, озерами, историческими памятниками и природными ресурсами. История и образ жизни азербайджанского народа представляет собой уникальное и гармоничное сочетание традиций и обрядов различных культур и цивилизаций.

Azerbaijan - a miraculous country with its rich natural resources such as oil and gas. There are nine of the eleven world climatic zones. More than 9 million people live there. The history and lifestyle presents a unique and harmonious combination of the traditions and ceremonies of different cultures and civilizations.

Azerbaijan is the geographical name of the country. On one the hand this name is linked to the ancient population which lived in this region thousands of years ago, who were fire-worshippers. Azerbaijan means "The Land of Fires".

There are more than 6 thousands historical monuments. The natural climatic conditions of Azerbaijan are also unique. One of the riches is a rare type of oil. This rare kind of oil does not burn and it is used for medicinal purposes.

Azerbaijan has the Caspian sea. The sea is located in the capital of the country, Baku city. Azerbaijan has many attractions, but one on the most famous attractions in Baku is the " Maiden Tower". This tower was built in 2 stages . The bottom part of the monument had been constructed in the 5th century, and the upper part was completed in the 12th century. Inside the tower is a museum. Since 2000 it has been on the list of UNESCO monuments.

Azerbaijan has many beautiful lakes and one of the most beautiful and famous lakes is called "Goy Gol", which is located in Ganja town. In the azerbaijan language this beautiful and serene lake means "Blue Lake". The scenic beauty of the place, the musty ambience and the calmness is paradise for all tourists. The Blue Lake is one of the finest and beautiful lakes in the world.

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