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At the Theatre (2)

В топике В театре (2) я рассказываю, что мне нравятся все театральные представления: драматические спектакли, опера и музыкальные комедии. Но самое сильное впечатление я получил после увиденного мною балета Чайковского «Лебединое озеро». Балет был похож на сказку: музыка, костюмы и актеры – все было прекрасно, и спектакль прошел с большим успехом.

There are not many theatres in my town but they are all very popular with the public. I am a theatre lover too. As for me, I prefer drama to all other theatres, but I also like opera and musical comedy.

I'll never forget my first visit to the Opera and Ballet Theatre. My friend and I wanted to see the famous ballet "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovskyi. We bought the tickets in advance and came to the theatre half an hour before the show. At 7 sharp the performance began.

From the very first minute I was deeply impressed by everything I saw on the stage. The costumes were fine. The dancing and music were thrilling. The ballet seemed to me a fairy-tale. I had never seen anything more wonderful. My friend also enjoyed every minute of it.

When the curtain fell at the end of the performance, there came a storm of applause. It seemed that it would never end. The dancers received call after call. They were presented with large bouquets of flowers. We also applauded enthusiastically. The performance was a great success.

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