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A Visit to the Theatre

Топик Посещение театра познакомит вас с понятием «театр» и теми немногими правилами, которых придерживаются зрители при его посещении. Согласно крылатому выражению «Театр начинается с вешалки», любой спектакль начинается с момента входа зрителей в здание театра – это очень интересно и увлекательно.

We have a very beatiful theatre in our town. It is a modern building situated not far from the center of Burshtyn. The visitors can enjoy watching dramas, tragedies, comedies and sometimes an opera or a ballet.
The visitors usually buy tickets beforehand in the ticket booths or in the ticket box offices. Theatrical shows usually start at 7:00 p.m.
When you go in, you enter the foyer, then you come to the cloak-room, where we leave our coats and hats. You can also take opera glasses there.
After that you go to the theatre hall. The person who meets you at the entrance is usher. You must show your ticket to her.
When you enter the hall, you find your seats. You can see the stage in front of you. You can't see the scenery before the performance start.
The orchestra pit is next to the stage. This is where the musicians sit and play the music. The performance begins after the third bell has rung.
The curtain goes up and you become a spectator. If the spectators enjoy the performance they applaud, give flowers and small presents to the actors and actresses.
Between the acts of the play there are intervals. The spectators leave their seats and go to the buffet where they can eat a cake and drink a glass of lemonade or juice. During the interval the spectators discuss the performance and the play of the actors and actresses.
After the performance finishes, the spectators rise from their seats and go to the cloakroom to get their coats and hats. You hear them say: "I enjoyed the performance very much", "The performance was splendid", "The actors and actresses performed very well".

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