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A Family of Scientists

George Boole was born in 1815. He is famous for his works in the field of mathematical analysis. His wife Mary Everest was a niece of George Everest. He is known as a man who performed topographic survey in India on a large scale in 1841. The highest peak in the world is named after him. Mary Everest was very much interested in her husband's work. After his death she published several books that made a great contribution to the development of his theory. The Booles had five daughters, the eldest daughter Mary married C.Hinton who was a well-known mathematician, inventor and an author of science-fiction books.

Their three grandchildren became scientists. Howard was a talented entomologist, William and Joan were both physicists. The latter was almost the only woman-physicist who took part in the work at the atomic project of the USA. Their second daughter Margaret is known as a mother of the outstanding English mathematician Jeffrey Tailor who is a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Their third daughter Alicia was a specialist in the field of multidimensional space. The fourth daughter Lucy was the first woman-professor. She headed the chemistry department. But the youngest daughter Ethel Lilian is the most famous. She married the Polish scientist and revolutionist Voynich. Her wonderful book 'The Gadfly" was translated into many languages and gained popularity in many countries of the world.

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