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Тест Pre-Intermediate

Вы проходите тест на уровень Pre-Intermediate — уровень языка, на котором человек быстро понимает смысл текста на слух.

1.Do you _________ work on Sundays
A) have to B) must C) should

2.I don’t think you _______stay out late
A) must B) should C) shouldn’t

3.You _______bring anything special to the party.
A) don’t have to B) must C) should

4. Naomi will get in touch ______she hears any news.
A) as soon as B) while C) until

5. Please look after the children ____I get home from work.
A) Until B) if C) while

6. If I _____ some money, I’ll go on holiday next year.
A) ’ll save B) saved C) save

7. Will your parents buy you a car if you finish university?’_____’.
A) No, won’t B) No, they don’t C) No, they won’t

8. Before I go out tonight, I ______ finish this work.
A) ’m going to B) going to C) am

9. Do you want to go ______?
A) dancing B) to dance C) dance

10. Is coffee ___ in Kenya?
A) grew B) grown C) grow

11. Since 2001, all Skoda cars ______ by Volkswagen.
A) were produced B) are produced C) have been produced

12. ‘Is a lot of paper wasted in your office? ‘____’.
A) a. Yes, it was B) Yes, it is. C) Yes, it has

13.If I _____ a famous person, I wouldn’t know what to say.
A) meet B) didn’t meet C) met

14. They ______ more money if they saved a little every month.
A) would have B) will have C) would had

15. If you ____ me, what would you do?
A) are B) like C) were

16. Emma is very busy so she _______ come to the party. She hasn’t decided yet.
A) mustn’t B) shouldn’t C) might not

17. Ed is tired because he ______ all night.
A) hasn’t worked B) has been working C) is working

18. You’ve got a lot of bags. ____ you _____?
A) Do / go shopping? B) Have / been shopping C) Have / shopped

19. Dan was taken to hospital because he _____ his leg.
A) breaks B) has broken C) had broken

20. ‘Had they met Kathy before the party‘. ‘Yes, ______’.
A) she had B) they had C) they did

21. Could you _____ me a favour and look after the children after school, please?
A) make B) get C) do

22. Naples is _____ an exciting city.
A) so B) such C) very

23. Lily gave _____her job and traveled round the would.
A) over B) away C) up

24. John doesn’t _____ much money as a waiter.
A) win B) take C) earn

25. Can you _____ a photo of us, please?
A) make B) take C) do

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Рахи Сарсенова
Ужас. Я набрала 16 балл.
Бахадыр Алиев
Самое интересное что здесь у меня 24, а в элементари 19)
Віталія Вільховецька
самое интересное то, что задания правильно сделаны были, а написало не правильно, и с 3-тьей попытки то что я перед этим поставила было правильно =((((((((((((
Елена Наумова
25 из25
Екатерина Куценко
24 из 25
Катя Пряникова
отметила правильно, поробил ток с третьего раза.....
Mark Pastukhov
Вы набрали 22 баллов
Роман Свирид
21 балл
Luiza Golodryga
Nurik Pina
я в элементери 25/25, а пре интермедиат 24 из 25
Оля Горбань
я набрала 25
Егор Вишня
14 лет, набрал 21 балл
Жума Рахманов
Некоторые вопросы неуместные. В 3-вопросе откуда нам знать, что требует владелесь вечеринки????
Елена Соболевская
20 баллов. С некоторыми "ошибками" уместно поспорить.

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