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Тест Intermediate

Вы проходите тест на уровень Intermediate — вы должны грамотно общаться на различные бытовые темы, знать формы глаголов и иметь хороший словарный запас.

1. I _______ the Star Wars films.
A) have never seen B) have ever seen C) have never saw

2. They_____ for Google_____2004.
A) worked / for B) ’ve worked / since C) ’re working / since

3. ____Neil_____ that he didn’t get the job?
A) Did / tell B) Have / told C) Has / been told

4. If you ______ that expensive car, you ___ enough money to go on holiday.
A) buy / won’t have B) bought / don’t have C) don’t buy / won’t have

5. What ____ if you ____a mobile phone?
A) will you do / haven’t B) would you did / had C) would you do / didn’t have

6. Alison has worked for a month without a day off — she ________be exhausted.
A) might B) must C) can’t

7. I know he speaks French, German and Italian so he ________ be Swiss.
A) can’t B) could C) should

8. Hundreds of trees were blown over in the night so the wind _______have been very strong.
A) can’t B) could C) must

9. “I’m not very sociable. ______.”
A) I don’t B) So am I C) Neither am I

10. “Sorry I’m late. _____for a long time?”
A) Have you waited B) Are you waiting C) Have you been waiting

11. Leo’s French isn’t very good. He ____it for very long.
A) has been learning B) hasn’t been learning C) hasn’t learned

12. Ellen ____ that she needs to do more exercise.
A) has been realizing B) is realized C) has realized

13. Henry worked for the bank ____ 2001 and 2006.
A) between B) while C) until

14. Could you tell me where ______ ?
A) the library is B) is the library C) if the library

15. Do you know ______ this train goes to Cardiff?
A) does B) if C) how

16. It’s lovely day, ______?
A) is it B) does it C) isn’t it

17. John ______ your school, wasn’t he?
A) was at B) went to C) wasn’t at

18. The interviewer asked _____ drive.
A) can I B) if I could C) if I was

19. The dentist _______to make another appointment.
A) told B) said me C) told me

20. The police officer ____ the robber to put down his gun and put his hands above his head.
A) ordered B) advised C) reminded

21. You’ll need to ____ an answer to this problem.
A) get on with B) run out of C) come up with

22. I want to watch the television news. Could you _______ , please?
A) look it up B) turn it on C) look for it

23. You must try that restaurant. The food is _______.
A) very delicious B) absolutely delicious C) absolutely tasty

24. We are hated the film — it was really ____ .
A) hilarious B) superb C) awful

25. The kids ____over the garden wall to get their football back.
A) climbed B) hugged C) chewed

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Ниджат Мурадов
19 из 25, потом сразу всё исправил на 25 из 15. Вряд ли этот тест показывает ваш действительный уровень знаний английского, так что обольщаться не стоит
Александр Демин
Бахтий Ибрагимов
Артём Сквориков
23 из 25
Женя Подымака
Ярослав Григоренко
11 из 25
Богдан Артеменко
Виктория Бойкова
21)))) кек
Оля Типко
Это очень тупой тест.Could you tell me where is the library?Исправил на "неправильно".
Даниил Баранов
Ольга, в вопросе с библиотекой всё в порядке. Обратный порядок слов в вопросах.
Andrey Blagovsky
Could you tell me what "we ARE hated the film" in the 24th question means?There is used an incorrect verb form.The context of this sentence suggests that the verb ARE hated should be in the present perfect form. Consider changing the verb form(HAVE hated).
Иван Косилов
ответ А к 1,4,13,14,17,20,25,ответ В к 2,6,7,11,15,18,22,23,ответ С к остальным
Den Shubin
21 из 25, потом сразу испарил на 25 из 25 =)
Navid Kh
22 из 25. Хорошая проверка))
Надин Вайлен
Надин Вайлен

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