ASVAB test: Vocabulary Test: Adjective Verb

adj. glum
insignificant; referring to a small amount
done quickly but only on the surface (e.g. an examination)
very large; huge

v. devour
to uncover something that is not obvious
to eat up greedily
to make out clearly (e.g. a pattern)
to use up

adj. sleek
safe; harmless
not excitable; very casual
cancerous or harmful (usually a growth)
often shiny; smooth and glossy

adj. preposterous
low level (usually refers to tasks or positions)
very silly; ridiculous
describing riches; wealthy
without any preparation (e.g. remarks); unrehearsed

adj. menial
rough (e.g. weather); harsh
annoyed; irritable
low level (usually refers to tasks or positions)
overly loud or offensively conspicuous

v. deplete
to use up
to scorn; to hate
to formally take over high power, office or responsibility
to go in different directions

adj. obsolete
sternly forbidding (e.g. future)
damp; muggy; wet
no longer used; out-of-date

adj. immense
very large; enormous
gentle; lacking distinctive qualities
horrifying; terrible

adj. devoid
keen to the senses and emotions
thinking of others; thoughtful
very clear; apparent
completely free of (e.g. feeling)

adj. ingenuous
demanding a lot of work; often lengthy
rudely brief
naturally simple; not complicated
brief but complete