ASVAB verbal test: Vocabulary Answers: Adjective

adj. austere
fluent but insincere; smooth
alone; lonely
extremely ugly; scary

adj. crafty
impolite; cheeky; rude
indicated in an indirect way
uninterrupted; continuous

adj. auxiliary
done quickly but only on the surface (e.g. an examination)
small in size or amount

adj. haphazard
unclean due to a lack of movement
random; chance
unbiased; neutral; fair

adj. opulent
horrible; dreadful
discolored by a bruise; extremely angry (e.g. flesh)
describing riches; wealthy

adj. nimble
small in amount; scanty
moving quickly and easily
advanced to a higher level than expected

adj. lethal
small or of no importance
fatal; deadly
horrible; dreadful
capable of getting along together

adj. martial
refers to war; warlike
broad and widespread
expected; required; describing a duty
skillful and adept in stressful conditions; deft

adj. indispensable
loose; tolerant or lenient (e.g. discipline)
thoughtless; paying little attention
absolutely necessary; of importance
lonely; sometimes barren

adj. pedestrian
lacking ideas; unimaginative
scattered thin or small amounts
resilient; having endurance
to show remorse; repentant