ASVAB practice test: Improve Your Vocabulary

adj. meticulous
detailed work; very careful
tall and thin
not civilized; crude
frightful (e.g. appearance); unpleasant

adj. inflexible
unbending; unwilling to compromise
describing a high level of danger
very tidy; spotlessly clean
having the ability to move; portable

adj. chic
throaty (e.g. sound); harsh
uninterrupted; continuous
very religious

adj. hectic
narrow-minded; unwilling or unable to respect others or their beliefs
often shiny; smooth and glossy
very busy; feverish

adj. literate
wretched; often referring to terrible conditions
rash; hasty; acting on impulse
lacking ideas; unimaginative
educated to the point of being able to read and write (e.g. person)

adj. despondent
lacking in spirit
top in importance or quality; first
very high; grand

adj. obese
worn-looking; faded; exhausted
extra work; burdensome
very fat
threatening; often frightening

adj. sordid
thinking of others; thoughtful
wretched; often referring to terrible conditions
unable to make a mistake or error
strong and robust

adj. pious
referring to the ocean or sea
no longer used; out-of-date
very religious; devout
thorough; exhaustingly complete (e.g. study)

adj. predominate
refers to war; warlike
leading; prevailing
happy with oneself; self-satisfied