ASVAB preparation test: Activities for Teaching

adj. immaculate
throaty (e.g. sound); harsh
absolutely necessary; of importance
very tidy; spotlessly clean
irregular; occasional; infrequent

adj. legible
very silly; ridiculous
top in importance or quality; first
easily read (e.g. print)
bloody; disgusting

adj. outright
very easy to see; obvious
unable to make a mistake or error
nonchalant; showing little interest; lack of ceremony
thorough; complete

adj. primitive
not civilized; crude
sternly forbidding (e.g. future)
fatal; deadly
not hiding anything; open

adj. mammoth
resilient; having endurance
fluent but insincere; smooth
showing no interest; having no feelings
very large; huge

adj. amiable
uninteresting (e.g. conversation); bland
vividly realistic
having a pleasant disposition; friendly; good-natured

adj. onerous
hard to believe; strange; remarkable
moving quickly and easily
extra work; burdensome
unyielding; very firm position or opinion

adj. haggard
realistic; practical
disrespectful; boldly rude in an abrasive manner
worn-looking; faded; exhausted
glaringly bad (e.g. injustice)

adj. copious
plentiful; large in supply
insignificant; referring to a small amount

adj. placid
describing the breaks between successive sounds
extremely angry; having very strong feelings
still and calm