ASVAB verbal test: Teachers Games for Vocabulary

adj. complacent
good-humored in a good natured way
very high; grand
satisfied with oneself

n. abhorrence
appearance especially facial expressions; the face and its features
cleaning product or agent
a little cavern; small cave
horror; disgust

adj. paltry
insignificant; referring to a small amount
able to express oneself clearly (e.g. a person)
rudely brief
convincing (e.g. argument)

adj. humble
clever; intelligent
modest; meek
very religious
inspired through love; captivated by someone or something

adj. simultaneous
implied; understood
taking place at the same time
looming; about to happen (e.g. storm)
extremely ugly; scary

v. discern
to put on (e.g. clothing); to wear something
to drive away
to investigate
to make out clearly (e.g. a pattern)

adj. heedless
thoughtless; paying little attention
grave; mournful
naturally simple; not complicated

v. divulge
to take away from
to bring out; to summon; to recall to memory; to create new thoughts
to dishearten
to reveal

v. defame
to leave quickly and secretly and hide, especially to avoid prosecution
to attack a name or reputation through libel or slanderous acts
to break up
to fall apart

adj. singular
hard to believe; strange; remarkable
plentiful; large in supply
overly modest
not important; petty