ASVAB vocabulary test: Vocabulary Building: English

v. delve
to pay out; to give away, usually funds
to investigate
to make out clearly (e.g. a pattern)
to scatter; to spread around

n. cathode
a negatively charged electrode in a storage battery or cell; the positive charge or a cell supplying an electric current
horror; disgust
cleaning product or agent
a person who acts like he or she has knowledge or high skill but does not

v. detract
to scatter; to spread around
to take away from
to slowly inject ideas into the mind
to delay temporarily

v. dismay
to scorn; to hate
to keep someone from doing something
to turn from a course (e.g. a stream)
to dishearten

adj. irrational
equally skilled at using both hands
unreasonable; illogical; groundless
rudely brief

adj. livid
continuing over a long period of time
easily read (e.g. print)
no longer used; out-of-date
discolored by a bruise; extremely angry (e.g. flesh)

adj. intermittent
sporadic; starting and stopping (e.g. rain)
clearly holding together
having to do with beauty; pertaining to beautiful appearances
referring to the soul; having no body, form, or substance

v. eject
to depart from the subject under consideration
to throw out; to remove from something
to uncover something that is not obvious
to drive away

adj. adamant
describing a feat or process performed by hand
unyielding; very firm position or opinion
moving easily; nimble

adj. hideous
extremely ugly; scary
poor; humble
very small; minute