ASVAB prep test: Word Vocabulary Games: English

adj. sinister
threatening and referring to evil and darkness
having the ability to move; portable
causing sorrow
equally skilled at using both hands

adj. auspicious
favorable (e. g. circumstances)
well known in a negative way
movable; flexible
done quickly but only on the surface (e.g. an examination)

adj. benevolent
safe; harmless
continuing over a long period of time
regarding kind or charitable acts; organizing benefits for charities

adj. sober
unclean due to a lack of movement
gloomy and dark
worthy of praise

adj. stalwart
strong and robust
happy with oneself; self-satisfied
advanced to a higher level than expected
silly; foolish

adj. illicit
absolutely necessary; of importance
discolored by a bruise; extremely angry (e.g. flesh)
favorable (e. g. circumstances)
illegal; unlawful

adj. precise
skillful and adept in stressful conditions; deft
causing fire (e.g. bomb); easily combustible
detailed; exact
seeming to be the truth; apparently true

adj. pragmatic
realistic; practical
able to express oneself clearly (e.g. a person)
very small; minute
horrifying; terrible

adj. ghastly
illegal; unlawful
frightful (e.g. appearance); unpleasant
worn-looking; faded; exhausted

adj. lofty
very high; grand
having a preference for the evening; of the night
hard-working; productive
overly modest