ASVAB test: Vocabulary Words: English Nouns Adjectives

n. countenance
cleaning product or agent
high attainment; peak of achievement
usually a brick or stone structure constructed for support or reinforcement
appearance especially facial expressions; the face and its features

adj. solitary
of importance; relevant
random; chance
alone; lonely
rudely brief

adj. credulous
given to believing anything too easily
capable of doing something; describing something that can be done
inspired through love; captivated by someone or something
hidden (e.g. talent)

adj. staccato
satisfied with oneself
narrow-minded; unwilling or unable to respect others or their beliefs
describing the breaks between successive sounds
referring to the base level; fundamental; main

adj. hardy
movable and capable of being carried
describing a very large size or amount
resilient; having endurance
given to believing anything too easily

adj. inept
broad and widespread
ineffective; not skilled
referring to the ocean or sea

adj. coherent
possible danger; risky
with harmful intent; spiteful
clearly holding together
not believing in something; showing doubt

n. acme
a little cavern; small cave
high attainment; peak of achievement
a negatively charged electrode in a storage battery or cell; the positive charge or a cell supplying an electric current
a person who acts like he or she has knowledge or high skill but does not

adj. petty
hard-working; productive
small in size or amount
small or of no importance

adj. indelible
aggressive; often very structured
unable to be erased; permanent
having no prejudice; impartial; fair