PCAT verbal preparation: Vocabulary Tests: Noun

n. microscope
an obstacle that prevents things from moving along
disease where cells divide at an excessive rate and become abnormal in function; malignancy; neoplasm
an instrument used to magnify small objects so that they can be seen much better than with your eye

n. immunization
Group 2 metallic element
humidity; condition that should be avoiced when storing drugs or medications
a covalent link formed between electron pairs in an orbital

n. contraceptive
chamber of the heart
device prevents pregnancy
part of the cell center that codes for protein synthesis
nerve cell that conducts messages from the brain and the spinal cord to the muscles

v. magnetize
to mix into something to form a solution
to record a quantity; dimension or capacity
to make an object attract iron or steel
to give an injection that protects against an infectious disease

n. exocytosis
produced by removing a water molecule from two carboxylic acid groups
process where substances are ejected from a cell
a long chain of carbon atoms with a carboxyl group (COOH) at the end
region between the stomach and the duodenum

v. palpate
to cause ingested substances to move down the throat and into the stomach
to break down; to decay
change into another chemical compound
to beat

n. prophase
upper abdomen between the ribcage and navel
clear liquid surrounding the brain and spinal cord
stage of the cell cycle where chromosomes line up to make pairs

adj. autotrophic
having three parts
able to resist disease and produce adequate responses
related to organisms converting sunlight into energy
relating to the female reproductive organs

n. sprain
a ligament injury due to strain or excess stretching
unit of length
a steroid that plays an important part in metabolism
regurgitation of acid from the stomach

n. reflex action
a sick feeling; wanting to vomit
a stereotyped and non-voluntary response that occurs in response to a stimulus
an ester of pyrophosphoric acid with the nucleotide adenine
area near the middle of the retina where vision is the sharpest