PCAT preparation test: Vocabulary Exercise: Noun

n. sinus
air spaces in the skull; pathological cavity containing pus
disease of pancreas due to lack of insulin
the dimensional appearance; the morphology
olfactory sense; an odor

adj. underweight
discharged from the body
scraggy; scrawny; skinny
over-development of a tissue (or part of) which leads to an increase in size and volume of the tissue
able to resist disease and produce adequate responses

n. myelin sheath
a medical doctor who diagnoses and treats cancer
halogen with a more electropositive element
a hormone made in the pancreas
this is a layer of Schwann cells which covers the nerve axon

n. acid rain
low pH precipitation due to dissolved sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides
part of the brainstem
substance which obeys the Boyle's law
a substance that governs a reaction or process

adj. molecular
composed of tiny particles
presence of oxygen
relating to the last section of the large intestine which ends at the anus
sick (as if you will vomit)

adj. tricuspid
having three parts
a substance that destroys bacteria
extended (related to a period of time)
relating to the male gonads

n. microbody
connective tissue between a muscle and a bone
membranous vesicle that contains enzymes
a chemical that carries oxygen in red blood cells
an ester of pyrophosphoric acid with the nucleotide adenine

v. persist
to ease suffering; to reduce the severity of an illness without curing it
to continue
to watch or record information
to take in; to take up

n. delay
a hold-up; a postponement
compound containing a nitrogenous base (purine or pyrimidine) and a sugar
contains a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic part
an illness where the circulation 'collapses' and the blood pressure drops

n. anterior
moment of a force
front tooth
temperature at which a liquid turns to a solid at a particular pressure
situation created when microbes enter the body and cause a disease