PCAT verbal word list: Improving Vocabulary: English

n. alcoholism
a hold-up; a postponement
a skin swelling which contains fluid
the syndrome due to physical dependence on ethanol so that stopping intake leads to withdrawal symptoms

n. pathology
a healthy person who worries excessively about their health and believes they are ill
compound made from plants containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
air tube connecting trachea ('windpipe') and lungs
disease and its effects on the body; an abnormal state

adj. male
consisting of many compounds
lasts a long time; persistent
relating to the masculine gender
refers to a voice that is croaky and unable to produce a full range of sound

n. temperature
the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment
stacks of membranous vesicles that modify; package and sort proteins to other organelles
a chemical reaction or process in which sodium chloride is broken down by reaction with water

n. quadriceps
large muscle of the thigh
any substance, chemical or otherwise, which causes abnormalities in the developing fetus
open sore in the skin or mucus membrane
This process changes straight chain alkanes into branched chain compounds by passing them over a catalyst

adj. advised
having the taste of sugar
well-thought through; well-prepared; informed
process where heat is passed to the surroundings
able to return to original shape after being exposed to a force

n. malabsorption
characteristic that is controlled by a gene carried on the X chromosome
gas with anesthetic properties
group of symptoms and signs due to reduced food intake e.g., carbohydrates, fats, protein
part of the cell center that codes for protein synthesis

n. hemopoiesis
a sugar made from starch
emotional and physical state in which a person wants to engage in intercourse
a chemical that carries oxygen in red blood cells
the process by which blood cells are made

adj. abnormal
chemically unreactive
relating to treatment of diseases and injuries by medical operation
relating to the heart and chest region
unusual; irregular

adj. senile
relating to old age especially those who are mentally or physically weak
related to organisms converting sunlight into energy
scraggy; scrawny; skinny
lack of blood supply