PCAT verbal test: Teachers Games for Vocabulary

n. blood pressure
malfunction of the body that is also called alopecia areata
the force within the cardiovascular system
the property of liquid membranes which allows them to contract to a minimum area
compound containing 2 elements one of which is a single oxygen

n. farsightedness
ability to see distant objects clearly but near vision is impaired
principle stating that the total power of a system remains constant
theory which says that the characteristics that aid survival occur as random mutations and are then inherited as only the fittest survive
swelling of a part of the body due to abnormal fluid collection in the spaces between the cells

n. drug interactions
organic substance found in fruit and vegetables; important for skin
interdependence between various medications
gelatinous or liquid material that constitutes the kernel of a cell
carbohydrates which are soluble because of the presence of -OH groups

n. blood system cancer
referring to processes or experiments occurring inside an organism
disease of the lymphatic complex
the skin and related structures such as hair and nails
the process of bringing back undigested food from the stomach

n. lymph node
sex organs where the reproductive cells are made
organism that depends on autotrophs (producers) for food and oxygen
generic drug that treats infection caused by a fungus
collection of white cells that act as filters to invading organisms and abnormal cells

n. external genitalia
reproductive organs protruding from the bodies
secondary structure of a protein where the polypeptide chain has formed spirals
process that aerobically breaks down food molecules to carbon dioxide; water and energy
difficulty in respiration; rapid respiration

n. anhydride
molecule being formed from another by the removal of water
the back of the body
medical dissection of a dead body which determines the cause of death

n. spleen
pores on the leaf surface
generic name for drugs that are used to treat fungus infections; brand names: Diflucan, Nizoral or Sporanox
noise made during sleep which keeps others awake
abdominal organ which filters blood and stores, produces and destroys blood cells

adj. hematic
refers to the intestine
small; of little importance
of blood
relating to the bones; very thin (informal)

n. nucleus
a channel in plant cells that connects the cytoplasm of two nearby cells
an ester of pyrophosphoric acid with the nucleotide adenine
part of cell that contains RNA and DNA
the act of intentionally taking one's own life