PCAT test: Vocabulary Words: English Nouns Adjectives

n. magnesium
alkaline-earth metal with the chemical symbol Mg also needed as a trace element in the body
effect where the electrons closest to the nucleus reduce the nuclear attraction on the electrons in the shell furthest away from the nucleus
drug; pill containing chemicals; tablet
the organ system that covers the body the integument.

n. eyebrow
first member of group V111; a noble gas
process in which two molecules join to form a single compound
the essential character of an individual

n. vision problems
eyesight difficulties
black pigment that protects against the sun
device with small holes that separates a solid from a liquid

adj. itchy
affected with the urge to scratch
usual; normal; occurring at fixed intervals
relating to a region of the retina
having a lower osmotic pressure than another solution

n. reaction
a rearrangement in the structures of atoms or molecules to form new products
a substance that has an effect on the body
a medical doctor who diagnoses and treats cancer
a forecast of whether a disease will progress in severity or not

n. hallucinogen
the triangular bone that lies at the back of the rib cage; the shoulder blade
something that stops or slows down a biological event or function
drug which affects the central nervous system and cause people to see or experience unusual things outside the range of normal perception
heaviness of an object; the size of a force exerted on an object in a gravitational field

n. ritonavir
new genetic material that has been created by mixing genes from different organisms
membrane lining the inside of the abdominal cavity
a computer generated image of a part of the body
a protease inhibitor applied in treating HIV; trade name: Norvir

n. alkali metal
hormone made in and released from the pituitary gland that act on the gonads (sex organs)
simple sugar containing 3-7 carbon atoms
element in the left-hand side of the periodic table
a disordered energy state where no work can be done

n. enthalpy
the total heat content of a system
the death of brain tissue due to inadequate blood flow
eyesight; the ability to see
a nutrient found throughout plant and animal species

n. wavelength
the distance between two successive peaks or troughs of a waveform
rounded glass structure, usually with a long neck, used in experiments
condition that is caused when a virus becomes resistant to the drug regimen