MCAT verbal preparation: Vocabulary Tests

adj. atypical
containing and producing mucus
of the face
something that is not typical
relates to a nerve that carries signals towards the central nervous system

adj. turgid
changeable; exchangeable
easily breaks
swollen and engorged

adj. vascular
of the cell; composed of cells
related to vessels; consisting of vessels
not concentrated; with water added

adj. hematic
of blood
having the ability to think; reason and understand things
relating to the groin area
having the characteristics of a base; alkaline

adj. orphaned
children whose parents are dead
energy-requiring during the synthesis of complex molecules from simple molecules
unable to reproduce; free of microorganisms that could cause infection
able to move by itself

adj. polycistronic
referring to diagnosis
containing genetic information of an amount of cistrons
spasmodic pain
referring to the heart and the blood

n. structural isomer
process of production of sperm
arthropod that lives in water and is characterised by a hard shell, segmented body and jointed limbs
compound that differ because they have different covalent arrangements of their atoms
process in which one atom, ion or molecule gives electrons and the other receives them

adj. acute
referring to constant temperatures
related to a substance being repelled by a magnet
a substance that destroys bacteria
of recent or sudden onset

adj. unconscious
not made up of cells
several; more than a few
a body tissue affected by gangrene

adj. oral
relating to the mouth
relating to the groin area
related to a thermodynamic process involving no heat exchange
involving a large number of people or things