MCAT verbal word list: Improving Vocabulary: English Verb

v. substitute
to take the place of; to replace
to get rid of waste from the body
to let go
to carry; to transmit energy

v. occur
to contaminate the environment
to present an opposing force
to shrink; to degenerate; to reduce
to happen; take place

v. deliver
to help the mother bring a baby into the world
to put organisms into groups by looking at structural, physiological or evolutionary features
to eject waste products
to break down a compound by means of water

v. contaminate
to make; to take the shape of
to lose water from; to remove water from something
to make a clean thing or person dirty
to be on fire; to scald

v. generalize
to transfer one form of energy into another form
to lose function due to change in the function of a cell, tissue or organ
to involve a large number of people or things
adapt to changes in the environment

v. centrifuge
to separate the parts of a liquid by spinning it at high speeds
to let go
to join together
to eject waste products

v. advise
to draw to itself
to look at something
to recommend
to break down food into a form that can be used by the body

v. mediate
to divide
to help facilitate or accelerate a process through action
to exude; radiate
to break

v. absorb
to push out
to take in; to take up
to heat a liquid to its boiling point where it then becomes a gas
to implant an organ or tissue from one place to another

v. regenerate
to split; separate
to grow again; to reform after injury
to move something out of position
to transfer one form of energy into another form