MCAT verbal preparation: Vocabulary Games

n. medication
a chemical used to kill insects
molecule being formed from another by the removal of water
electrical impulse that passes along a muscle or nerve cell to carry information
drugs that have a therapeutic effect

n. tympanic cavity
secondary structure of a protein where the polypeptide chain forms a zigzag shape
the middle ear
enzymatic reations in aerobic organisms involving oxidation of acetyl units and production of high-energy phosphate compounds leading to the main source of cellular energy
outlet in blood vessels

n. acylation
the iron containing proteins which are part of the electron transport chain
a reaction where an acyl group takes the place of a hydrogen atom
molar concentration of a solution; number of moles of solute per liter of solution

n. lymphocyte
chemical element with the symbol N that is found in proteins and nucleic acids
white blood cell with an immune role found in the lymphatic system; white blood cell that differentiate to become capable of making antibodies; B cells
reflex contraction of the quadriceps muscles leading to a sudden involutary extention of the knee
belonging to something; contributing to something; ingredient

n. salivary amylase
enzyme hydrolyzing starch into sugar
an increase in body temperature above normal
chamber of the heart
uncharged particle found in the nucleus of the atom

n. fracture
a break
blood which contains very little oxygen
inherited disorder caused by a single gene defect, which is dominantly inherited

n. vertebrate
an organism which has a backbone
valve that controls blood flow between the left atrium and the left ventricle in the heart
steroid hormone controlling the development of male sexual characteristics
function of the brain that allows information to be taken in; stored and then recalled at a later date

n. glucagon
sleep state during winter
a hormone made in the pancreas
organ of smell which protrudes from the face
the ability to see distant objects better than close objects

v. contain
to disappear
to look at something
to thicken from a liquid state towards a solid state
to hold; to have within its structure

n. mineral
liquid in the inner ear
the system of ductless glands which release hormones
a drug also known as marijuana
simple chemical that living things need in small amounts to stay healthy