MCAT test: Vocabulary Words: English Adjectives

adj. disordered
untidy arrangement; not in order
having the features of an acid and a base and being able of reacting chemically either as an acid or a base
water-hating; unable of dissolving in water

n. system
group of organs and tissues associated with a particular function
this is the pressure of the blood against the arterial walls
this is made when the hydroxyl group of a carboxylic acid is replaced by a chlorine atom

n. frequency
epithelial lining of viscera and body cavities that produces mucous
infection or inflammation of the bronchial tubes
amount of times a particular phenomenon occurs within a specified interval
series of fast mitotic divisions in embryology

pref. pulmo-
pref. over; excess; high
pref. of the breast
pref. of the kidney
pref. relating to the lungs

n. community
lamellar tissue that surrounds and covers a cell and its contents
populations which share a common environment or habitat and interact together
a strong reason for believing a particular action needs to be taken
molecule containing four rings of carbon atoms

n. malleability
tube connecting the kidney to the bladder
the lungs and airways which are involved in gas exchange
characteristic of substance to be shaped under pressure without breaking
molecule containing four rings of carbon atoms

n. neuromuscular junction
muscle separating abdomen from thorax
low glucose concentration in the blood
link between a nerve fiber and its connecting muscle fiber
smallest unit of a chemical element which holds the properties of that element

n. creatinine
a doctor who diagnosis and treats eye diseases
part of cell that contains RNA and DNA
sensitive nodule of tissue in the center of the breast
the form in which creatine is excreted from the body

adj. permeable
allowing substances to pass through it
opposite of soft; tough; difficult
related to vessels; consisting of vessels
unable to reproduce; free of microorganisms that could cause infection

n. variant
something that has a different form from the normal
this is the pressure exerted by each component gas in a mixture at a constant temperature
gas with anesthetic properties
salt water