SAT prep test: Word Vocabulary Games: English

adj. inmost
having fine and penetrating discernment
participating with another or others in the knowledge of a secret transaction
deepest within
fitted for expression in song

adj. raucous
fit to be dwelt in
fit for a destined purpose
pertaining to stars or constellations

adj. reflectible
capable of being turned back
curving in and out
descended from the same parent or ancestor

adj. lenient
easy to manage
pertaining to the heart
permissive; tolerant; indulgent; not strict
doomed to evil, misery or misfortune

adj. immaculate
unsuited to the wearer, place or surroundings
of no essential consequence
not good for food
without spot or blemish

adj. littoral
seizing and devouring living prey
of, pertaining to or living on a shore

adj. flimsy
deepest within
thin and weak

adj. extravagant
curving in and out
needlessly free or lavish in expenditure
usual or customary

v. affix
to consist of
to describe, as a sentence, by separating it into its elements and describing each word
to fasten
to relinquish, especially temporarily, as a right or claim

adj. migrant
controlling or preventing spasms
disposed to seize by violence or by unlawful or greedy methods
having superior rank or precedence