SAT test: Vocabulary Words: English Verbs

v. enlighten
to cause to see clearly
to dig out of the earth (what has been buried)
to sail around the world
to get first sight or knowledge of, as something previously unknown or unperceived

v. enamor
to await
to raise or lift with effort
to inspire with ardent love
to adapt

v. advert
to mean; to signify
to refer incidentally
to deem worthy of notice or account
to appear or act in the character of

adj. maritime
less important or effective than that which is primary
situated on or near the sea
foolishly headless of danger
composed of heterogeneous or inharmonious elements

adj. genitive
situated on the other side of the Alps
exhibiting haughty and careless contempt
indicating source, origin, possession or the like

n. creamery
a butter-making establishment
structure; adaptation; adjustment
an expert in linguistics
the quality of curving in and out

n. judicature
a species of lyric poems
the science of poetical forms
distribution and administration of justice by trial and judgment

v. recollect
to superintend
to recall the knowledge of
to be superior or distinguished
to take; seize; cause to stop; delay; hinder; obstruct

n. exegesis
a difficult, trying situation or plight
the act of training or the state of being under instruction
lawful power or right to exercise official authority
biblical exposition or interpretation

v. transfer
to to annex, as something extrinsic
to turn from the accustomed course or a line of action already established
to convey, remove or cause to pass from one person or place to another
to search through and through