GMAT verbal preparation: Vocabulary Tests

adj. luxuriant
various; miscellaneous; separate; distinct
bright; radiant; shining; splendid; shiny
rich; magnificent; abundant; growing; richly ornamented
expressing anger to an injustice; irate; resentful

adj. commodious
holding; persistent; consistent
related to the matter at hand; appropriate; relevant
out of the way; remaining quietly in the background; inconspicuous
spacious and convenient; roomy; ample; comfortable

adj. insubordinate
disobedient to authority; defiant
causing a violent injury
impartial; unbiased
wonderful; enormous; huge; excellent; great; amazing

adj. cognizant
without blame or faults
profitable; gainful; comprehensible
cautious; being sparing in giving; careful; wary
aware of; perceptive

n. equivocation
symbolic description; metaphor
scorn; disrespect; disdain
purposely misleading statement; prevarication
strong ill will; enmity; bitterness; hatred; resentment

adj. regal
full of sorrow; mournful; melancholic
royal; grand; majestic
mixed up; distorted; confused; falsified
well-known because it is commonly referred to; similar to an adage

adj. unique
without equal; incomparable; matchless
imposing; magnificent; grand
smooth and slippery; speaking or spoken in a smooth manner; easily fluent; careless; insincere
instructive; preachy; educational; tending to lecture others excessively

adj. inherent
fierce; savage; cruel; destructive; harsh; barbaric
part of the essential character; intrinsic; inborn; natural
common; general; universal
having the composition of wood; woody

adj. inclined
fragrant; sweet-smelling; having the odor of a particular thing; reminiscent of
fearless; bold; courageous; brave
without regret, shame, or remorse; unrepentant; hard-hearted; unregretful
apt to; likely; angled; sharp; cutting

adj. audacious
causing sleep; causing drowsiness
of beauty; pertaining to taste in art and beauty
fearless; bold; impudent
pertaining to the earth