GMAT test: Vocabulary Exercises: Adjective Verb

adj. wily
concealing; sly; cunning; deceptive; tricky
concise; abrupt; succinct; curt
new; strange
growing unchecked; widespread; prevailing

adj. neutral
not easily understood; dark; vague
whitened by age; old; ancient
impartial; unbiased

v. obfuscate
to make clear; to explain; to clarify
to darken; to confuse; to bewilder; to obscure
to make new; to renovate
to outline; to describe; to sketch; to draw

n. benefactor
purposely misleading statement; prevarication
person who does not conform to the norm; independent thinker
attempt to make friendly or placate; appeasement; compromise
person who helps others; donor; patron; sponsor

n. spendthrift
person who spends money extravagantly
an abstracted state of absorption
pompous speech; pretentious words; trite cliches
kind; type; category; style

adj. mendacious
spacious and convenient; roomy; ample; comfortable
skeptical; disbelieving; doubting
not truthful; dishonest; lying; deceptive
loaded; charged

n. cohesion
person who possesses special or secret knowledge
act of annihilating, destroying, or erasing; destruction; extermination
goal; purpose; target; aim
act of holding together; union

n. innuendo
indirect remark; insinuation; suggestion; intimation; hint
person who helps others; donor; patron; sponsor
liking for; attraction; affinity
large number; a lot; innumerable; endless; infinitive

v. manifest
to ask for; to call upon; to request help
to defame; to slander
to show clearly; to appear; to prove; to reveal
to tempt; to torment

v. reprobate
to give in; to yield; to collapse; to surrender
to start; to provoke; to inflame; to incite
to condemn; to reject; to denounce
to influence; to persuade; to coax