GMAT verbal test: Vocabulary Answers: Adjective

adj. recondite
hard to understand; concealed; deep; obscure; profound
tasting sour; harsh in language or temper; bitter
happening every two years
unimportant; small; worthless; minor

adj. bestial
having the qualities of a beast; brutal; barbaric
lazy; inactive; sluggish; slow
wise; prudent; sensible; discreet
unable to pay debts; bankrupt

adj. hoary
whitened by age; old; ancient
deserving respect; determinable; calculable
well supplied; full; brimming; crowded
regional; unsophisticated; narrow-minded

adj. lecherous
impure in thought and act; lustful
holding; persistent; consistent
fierce; savage; cruel; destructive; harsh; barbaric
shining; gleaming

adj. detached
separated; not interested; standing alone; impartial; aloof
changeable; unpredictable; inconstant; inconsistent
immature; not fully developed; fundamental
having a saw-toothed edge

adj. ominous
wrong; awry; wrongly; mistaken; erroneous
threatening; foreboding
perfectly straight down; vertical
having an evil disposition toward others; harmful; evil (opposite: benign)

adj. gregarious
fond of the company of others; sociable
difficult to please; dainty; choosy; critical
foolishly idealistic; extravagantly chivalrous; impractical
thin; slim; delicate; weak; sparse

adj. mercenary
working or done for payment only; hired for service
as if asleep; inert; sluggish; inactive
unequal; different; unlike; contrasting
misleading; mistaken; deceptive; disappointing unsound; false

adj. orthodox
traditional; accepted; conservative
starting to grow or develop
hard to catch; difficult to understand or grasp; evasive; tending to escape
dull; cloudy; non-transparent; frosted (about glass)

adj. precarious
sounding jarring; discordant
not frank or candid; deceivingly simple; hypercritical; false; truthful
depending upon another; risky; uncertain; unstable; unsteady
controversial; argumentative; contentious