GMAT practice test: Improve Your Vocabulary: Noun

n. atrophy
disapproval; expression of disapproval; criticism
person who eats eagerly; glutton; greedy person
new life; rebirth; revival
failure to grow

n. tyranny
absolute power; autocracy
companion; spouse; partner
intense dislike; scorn; contempt
former period of time

adj. prodigious
wonderful; enormous; huge; excellent; great; amazing
showing disrespect or scorn for; contemptible; ridiculous; contemptuous
done by custom; unbending
not willing to yield or comply with what is reasonable; stubborn; contrary

v. foster
to separate (a sentence or word) into parts and describe the function of each
to spend time aimlessly; to idle
to give shelter; to protect; to hide; to take shelter; to conceal
to encourage; to nurture; to support; to care for; to raise

v. inundate
to feed fuel to, especially a fire
to wince; to drawback; to retreat; to recoil; to shrink
to flood; to overwhelm with a large amount of
to banish; to exclude

adj. ingenuous
not on purpose; unintentional; heedless; negligent; accidental
noble; honorable; candid; artless; honest; innocent
harmless; dull; insipid; uninteresting
vulgar; crude; obscene

adj. irrational
rose-colored; rosy
not logical; senseless; absurd
definite; fixed; established
not in harmony; in disagreement; inconsistent

v. maculate
to pretend; to feign; to conceal by pretense
to stain; spot; defile; to dirty
to ask for; to call upon; to request help
to feed fuel to, especially a fire

n. rebuff
plant which blooms every two years; event which occurs every two years
person employed to amuse; joker; prankster; entertainer
blunt refusal to offered help; rejection; refusal; snub
person who hopes for the best; sees the good side

adv. askance
unquestionably; surely; obviously
on; toward the rear of a ship
wrong; askew
a sideways glance of disapproval