GMAT verbal word list: Improving Vocabulary: English Verb

v. gloat
to brag; to glory over; to feel triumphant; to exult
to increase; add to; to make larger; to enhance; to multiply
to encourage; to nurture; to support; to care for; to raise
to destroy completely; to erase

v. collaborate
to make a gleeful, chuckling sound; to laugh loudly
drive out; to eject; to evict
to wrap around something; to envelop; to enclose
to work together; to cooperate

v. sanction
to rescue from loss; to save from destruction
to utter or speak clearly and distinctly
to go away hastily or secretly; to hide; to avoid; to evade
to give encouragement; to authorize; to endorse; to approve; to ratify

v. exculpate
to protest; to object to; to prove
to talk or write excitedly; to scold; to lecture
to free from guilt; to declare innocent
to defame; to misrepresent maliciously; to vilify; to malign

v. gainsay
to laugh at with contempt; to mock; to sneer; to ridicule
to speak against; to contradict; to deny; to dispute
to mourn; to grieve; to regret
to establish; to educate morally or spiritually; to improve; to strengthen

v. amortize
to make a journey; to migrate
to force oneself or one's ideas upon another; to thrust forward; to eject; to invade; to interrupt
to put money into a fund at fixed intervals
to improve; to make better

v. constrain
to cause to get stuck in wet, soggy ground; to muddy
to condescend; to stoop; to lower oneself
to force; to compel; to restrain; to coerce; to oblige
to stimulate as if by electric shock; to startle; to excite; to stimulate

v. assuage
to relieve; to ease; to make less severe; to calm; to appease
to associate; to join; to be in agreement
to connect; to associate with; to accept as a member
to gain advantage by manipulating unfairly; to falsify; to pervert; to distort

v. fret
to form an opinion; to conclude; to surmise; to derive
to make valid; to confirm; to approve; to sanction; to authorize
to bring into being
to disturb; to irritate; to worry; to erode; to annoy

v. proliferate
to prosper; to reproduce quickly; to multiply rapidly
to mock; to jeer; to show disdain for
to wind; to ramble; to roam; walk about aimlessly; carry on in a leisurely way
to bring to an end; to hold back; to stop by force; to crush