GMAT verbal test: Teachers Games for Vocabulary

adj. copious
containing associated meanings in addition to the primary one; hinting; implicational; suggestive
abundant; in great quantities; plentiful; bountiful
tranquil; happy; calm; peaceful
suitable; apt; relevant; becoming

adj. rampant
lazy; inactive; sluggish; slow
growing unchecked; widespread; prevailing
well-known because it is commonly referred to; similar to an adage
pertaining to or affecting both sides or two sides; having two sides; reciprocal

n. conundrum
protective glove
puzzle; riddle; problem
short and amusing account of happenings
the quality of sound which distinguishes one from another

adj. determinate
that which cannot be blotted out or erased; permanent
vanishing quickly; dissipating like a vapor; fading; disappearing
definite; fixed; established
moving with great force; done with little thought; reckless; impulsive; hasty

v. reprehend
to consider carefully; to think through; to ponder; to chew cud
to reprimand; to find fault with; to admonish; to reprove
to prevent; to discourage; to hinder
to pierce through with; to stick on; to pin down; to stab

adj. melodious
worn-out; fatigued; tired
unnecessary; extra; redundant
pleasing to hear
nameless; unidentified

adj. ascetic
disreputable; obscure; indistinct
worn-out; fatigued; tired
rigorously abstinent; severe; self-denying; celibate
deceptive beauty; alluring by attractive appearance; lewd

adj. fickle
omnipresent; present everywhere
of the worst or lowest degree
slavish; groveling; subservient; submissive; subject
changeable; unpredictable; inconstant; inconsistent

v. wrest
to pull; to force away by a violent twisting; to kink
to defame; to blacken; to sully; to belittle; to criticize
to think or speak meditatively; to ponder; to meditate
to force oneself or one's ideas upon another; to thrust forward; to eject; to invade; to interrupt

adj. adamant
approving; sanctioning; praising; commending
inconvenient; uncomfortable
not yielding; firm; steadfast
deceiving; misleading; unreal; false; deceptive