GMAT vocabulary test: Vocabulary Building: English

n. oaf
clumsy or dumb person; simpleton
impossible fancy; wild illusion
widespread condemnation; disgrace or infamy resulting from this; public accusation; defamation
entice; attraction; temptation; glamor

n. miser
chain to bind the feet; shackle; hindrance
apprehension; uneasiness
change of form
penny pincher; stingy person; scrooge; cheapskate

n. infamy
honor; respect; esteem; appreciation
bad reputation
words of praise, especially for the dead
enemy; foe; opponent; rival

n. egress
act of mocking; ridicule; mockery; scorn
way out; exit; going out
inordinate desire for gaining and possessing wealth; greed
praise in excess

n. thrall
disapproval; condemnation
skill in a craft; expertise
blunder; mistake

n. divestiture
inordinate desire for gaining and possessing wealth; greed
mercy toward an offender; mildness; mercy; grace
closeness in time or place; closeness of relationship; resemblance
being stripped; act of unclothing; deprivation of a right or privilege

adj. contentious
perfectly clean; correct; pure
unbiased; fair; objective
brave and strong; courageous; fearless
quarrelsome; controversial; argumentative

n. depredation
plundering or laying waste; pillaging; ravishing; plundering
evil person; villain; rascal
insincere or hypocritical statements of high ideals; jargon of a particular group or occupations
talk one has with oneself (esp. on stage)

n. travail
very hard work; intense pain or agony; toil
change of form
strength; power; depression; dent
lengthy, heartfelt speech; scolding; lecture

n. diminutive
state of being at rest or without motion; restfulness; calmness
small person; word, expressing smallness formed when a suffix is added
absolute monarchy; government where one person holds power; dictatorship; despotism; totalitarianism
clique; group who meet frequently, usually socially