TOEFL verbal preparation: Vocabulary Tests

adj. provisional
pertaining to the common people, hence common or vulgar; rude
temporary; for the time being; contingent; interim
rarely occurring or appearing; intermittent; occasional; irregular; infrequent
working secretly or slyly; cunning; crafty; deceitful

adj. judicious
wasteful; careless; not saving up for future needs
wise; prudent; sensible; discreet
bulging; swelling out; jutting out
working or done for payment only; hired for service

adj. apathetic
indifferent; lethargic
immature; not fully developed; fundamental
complicated; confusing; maze-like
unable to be satisfied; extremely greedy

adj. fatuous
swollen; inflated; using big or high-sounding words
incapable of being defended or held; uninhabitable
lacking in seriousness; vain and silly; stupid; foolish; inane
sounding jarring; discordant

v. masquerade
to start; to provoke; to inflame; to incite
to delay or refuse to commit oneself in order to gain time; to avoid an answer
to foil; to thwart; to disappoint; to defeat; to baffle
to assume a deceptive appearance or character; to impersonate

adj. sacrosanct
stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing; stiff-necked
having a wide knowledge acquired through reading; learned; knowledgeable; educated
very holy; inviolable
merciful; gentle; lenient; tender; mild

adj. disparate
temporary; for the time being; contingent; interim
unusual; striking; foreign; out of the ordinary
unequal; different; unlike; contrasting
noble; honorable; candid; artless; honest; innocent

adj. ascetic
shortened; summarized
superior; independent; self-governing
rigorously abstinent; severe; self-denying; celibate
prosperous; flourishing; copious; rich; abundant; wealthy

adj. rudimentary
trite; without freshness or originality; commonplace; stale; usual
unreal; made-up; false
immature; not fully developed; fundamental
unmoved or indifferent; composed; casual; indifferent

adj. extraneous
juicy; delectable; luscious
fearful; aware; conscious; worried; concerned
festive; gay; friendly; sociable; merry
irrelevant; not related; not essential