TOEFL verbal test: Vocabulary Answers: Adjective

adj. clandestine
nameless; unidentified
developed or matured earlier than usual
secret; hidden; covert; stealthy; underhand
thin; slim; delicate; weak; sparse

adj. whimsical
fanciful; amusing; capricious
thorough; extreme
secret; hidden; covert; stealthy; underhand
out of date; outdated; archaic; extinct; antiquated

adj. effete
ridiculous; producing laughter; absurd
failing to fulfill an obligation; guilty of an offense
careful; cautious; prudent; watchful; guarded
no longer productive; worn out; degenerate; exhausted

n. compendium
inherent quality; characteristic
approval; praise; sanction; assent; consent
harsh rebuke; abusive condemnation; denunciation
brief summary of the main ideas of a larger work; list of contents; inventory

adj. civil
taking little care; oblivious; rash; unmindful
of or having to do with citizens or the state; polite; courteous
renowned; having an unfavorable connotation; known for disgrace
conceited; selfish; self-centered

adj. lavish
exempt from or protected against something; resistant; free; exempt; protected
very holy; inviolable
profuse or generous; given to extravagance; wasteful; generous
likely; inclined or disposed; fit; suitable; skillful

adj. motley
often of mistakes; extremely and noticeably bad; flagrant; rude
of beauty; pertaining to taste in art and beauty
of various colors; of mixed ingredients; of great variety
rigorously abstinent; severe; self-denying; celibate

adj. tenuous
unmoved or indifferent; composed; casual; indifferent
negative; hostile; antagonistic; inimical
similar; parallel; comparable
thin; slim; delicate; weak; sparse

adj. ignominious
sparing in use of food or drinks; satisfied with little; moderate
careful; cautious; prudent; watchful; guarded
contemptible; degrading; humiliating; ignoble; contempt; base; mean
equivalent to; equal to

adj. machiavellian
very short-lived; lasting only a short time; transitory
sacrificing moral principles in order to attain power; politically cunning; crafty
very holy; inviolable
apparent; obvious; professed to be a certain way