TOEFL verbal preparation: Vocabulary Games

n. dissension
conflict; disagreement; disparity
hired soldier; greedy person
poise; composure; dignity; aplomb
boredom; apathy; lethargy; tedium

n. archetype
original pattern or model
opinion contrary to popular belief
scarcity; shortage; lack
sudden notion or passing fancy; caprice; impulse

n. erratum
ability to be separated or divided
swamp; marshland; wet spongy ground
misprint; typo; printing error
person who leads a simple life of self-denial; recluse; hermit

n. proletariat
incorrectness; unsuitableness
working class; social class comprised of manual laborers
disorderly quarrel; tumult; riot; skirmish
behavior; bearing; conduct; appearance

n. denunciation
denouncement; condemnation
homesickness; sentimentality
disguise; group of people in disguise or fancy costumes
distortion of the face to express an attitude or feeling; anger; disapproval

v. obviate
to make unnecessary; to prevent; to remove an obstacle in advance
to express disapproval of; to protest against; to disparage; belittle
to crush; to render void; to quell; to suppress; annul
to drive away; to scatter; to lessen

n. avarice
reproof; warning; reproval
thoughtlessness; state of complete forgetfulness
inordinate desire for gaining and possessing wealth; greed
destruction; poison; misfortune

n. deluge
witty or satirical poem or statement; letter; ingenious saying; proverb; phrase
something out of place in time (e.g. an airplane in 1492); something that is obsolete or out of date
person who denies that God exists
great flood; downpour; inundation; drenching rain

n. peccadillo
one who manipulates public emotions to gain power or popularity
amazement or terror that causes confusion; shock; dismay; alarm
copy; model; pattern; sample
slight fault or offense; minor sin

n. panacea
destruction; poison; misfortune
burden; duty; obligation; responsibility
remedy for all ills
agreement; harmony; settlement