TOEFL verbal test: Teachers Games for Vocabulary

adj. boorish
unrefined in speech or manners; loutish; ill-bred; uncivilized; coarse
sly; crafty; skillful; clever; shrewd
disgusting due to excess; crude; repulsive; offensive
pure; perfect; faultless

adj. arid
extremely dry; parched; barren; unimaginative
prejudiced; influenced; not neutral
likely; inclined or disposed; fit; suitable; skillful
having a wide knowledge acquired through reading; learned; knowledgeable; educated

adj. ponderous
of or having to do with citizens or the state; polite; courteous
omnipresent; present everywhere
lacking firmness; loose; limp; drooping; soft
unwieldy from weight; dull; labored; heavy; awkward

n. blandishment
conflict; disagreement; disparity
offender; person who is guilty of an offense
flattering speech or act; persuasion
point directly overhead in the sky; highest point; climax

n. antithesis
one's understanding; perception; consciousness; knowledge; awareness
difference in form, character or degree; inequality
contrast; direct opposite
trick or deception; a practical joke

adj. adverse
clear; distinct; expressed with clarity; skillful with words
mutual; having the same relationship to each other; common; joint
pertaining to the sky; heavenly
negative; hostile; antagonistic; inimical

adj. sanguine
shortened; summarized
full of enthusiasm or eagerness; passionate; excited
real; actual; substantial
optimistic; cheerful; red; confident

v. promulgate
to publish; to spread abroad; to declare; to advertise widely
to subdue; to conquer; to defeat; to win
to inform; to brief; to notify
to speak angrily or bitterly; to protest forcefully; to rant

adj. fictitious
native to a region; innate; originating from a place
unreal; made-up; false
swollen; inflated; using big or high-sounding words
unwilling to be pacified or appeased; impossible to pacify; inexorable

adj. meander
suited; pleasant; agreeable; affable
amazing by virtue of its immense size, force or any quality in exceptional degree
disgusting due to excess; crude; repulsive; offensive
winding; wandering aimlessly