TOEFL vocab test: Increase Vocabulary: English

v. hoax
to dupe; to play a trick on; to deceive
to dirty; to stain; to sully; to soil
to scrape or shave off; to obliterate; to tear down completely; to demolish
to avoid; to outwit; to get around

v. extirpate
to attract; to tempt; to charm
to draw out; to extract from
to refer indirectly to something; to hint
to root out; to destroy totally; to eradicate

v. flaunt
to smile in a silly or affected way; to smirk
to foil; to thwart; to disappoint; to defeat; to baffle
to display or wave boastfully
to start; to provoke; to inflame; to incite

v. ensue
to start; to provoke; to inflame; to incite
to follow; to result
to speak angrily or bitterly; to protest forcefully; to rant
to cancel by authority; to terminate; to abolish

v. concede
to guess; to speculate; to surmise; to hypothesize; to infer
to postpone; to put off to another time; to delay; to hold back
to surrender; to admit; to give up; to yield
to accuse falsely or maliciously in order to injure another's reputation; to slander

adj. sleazy
carefully attentive; diligent; persistent; hard-working
mutual; having the same relationship to each other; common; joint
flimsy and cheap; shabby; cheap
separate; individual

v. fathom
to give up; to put off until later
to approve; to support; to tolerate; to permit
to understand; to get to the bottom of; to measure the depth of
to imprison; to detain; to jail

v. abandon
to use for one's selfish purpose
to leave behind; to give something up
to exercise self control; to keep from; to refrain from
to calm; to lessen in severity; to mollify; to relieve

v. consecrate
to dupe; to play a trick on; to deceive
to variegate; to make different; to increase the product range of a company; to offer new products
to declare sacred; to dedicate; to bless
to restate in a brief; concise form; to sum up; conclude; to summarize

v. deprecate
to speak or write at great length; to describe in full
to express disapproval of; to protest against; to disparage; belittle
to speak out against; to condemn; to accuse; to censure
to forecast; to foretell; to diagnose