TOEIC verbal preparation: Vocabulary Tests: Adverb

adv. consequently
smoothly; continuously; inconspicuously
as a result; therefore
knowingly; with awareness
of course; surely; doubtlessly; definitely; absolutely

adv. plain
seriously; gravely; acutely; critically
simply; in an unembellished manner; clearly
meticulously; exactingly; scrupulously; diligently; thoroughly
four times a year; once every three months

adv. probably
strictly; firmly
almost certainly; very likely; apparently; in all likelihood
of course; surely; doubtlessly; definitely; absolutely

adv. consciously
knowingly; with awareness
chiefly; principally; mainly; initially
in any event; anyway
out of doors

adv. already
as a result; therefore
previously; before a certain time
seemingly; probably

adv. precisely
next to; alongside
against; in contrast to
exactly; accurately; definitely; certainly; surely
under; below

adv. ahead
softly; in a low voice; without strength or force; weakly; into little pieces
also; too; as well
forward; in advance

n. exclusion
delight; refreshment or entertainment given to its recipient without cost
commercial transaction; instance of offering goods at a reduced price; demand for merchandise; auction
prevention; rejection; leaving out; keeping out; shutting out
mail; column; opinion; role; job placement

adv. etc.
overhead; over; in a higher place
regularly; often
and so on; and so forth

adv. behind
before; at an earlier time; in the past; antecedently
late; tardy