TOEIC test: Vocabulary Test: Verb Adjective Vocabulary List

v. drop
to cause harm; to cause injury; to destroy partly
to fall; to make fall; to bring down; to go down; to omit; to abandon
to build; to create; to design; to grow
to write down in a timetable; to register

v. stipulate
to cause to lose heart; to deter; to dissuade; to show disapproval of; to derail
to set up; to found; to base; to build
to strike; to beat; to reach; to find; to collide
to require that certain conditions be met before the signing of a contract; to specify; to require

v. guarantee
to vouch for; to give a warranty; to assure; to promise
to permit; to approve; to empower
to show how (people or things) are alike or different; to consider to be similar
to endanger; to imperil; to put at risk; to place in danger

v. interest
to take for granted; to dare; to venture; to take liberties; to permit oneself
to cause to become involved in; to arouse curiosity
to strengthen; to fortify; to support; to increase
to provide medical treatment; to fix; to repair; to mend

v. detect
to repeat; to say again; to restate
to be adjacent to
to discover; to discern; to find out
to deliver a discourse before an audience; to reprimand tediously

v. contain
to treat; to adapt; to prepare; to make ready
to soften in force or severity; to lessen the impact or intensity of; to appease
to include; to hold back; to restrain; to keep under control
to demand; to require; to insist upon; to force

adj. harmful
moral; adhering to ethical principles; precise; strict; exact
different; varied
injurious; causing damage
lawful; acceptable; justified; authorized

v. refund
to answer; to reply; to react
to put away for future use
to rebroadcast
to return money; to reimburse; to repay; to finance again

v. launch
to change; to shift; to exchange; to trade; to turn on or off
to start; to run; to activate; to inaugurate; to break into
to hypnotize; to enthrall
to divide; to separate; to be divided; to allocate

v. tenant
to support; to provide for; to finance; to assist; to encourage
to terminate; to end; to destroy; to defeat; to complete
to rent; to inhabit; to occupy
to upset; to disturb; to divide