TOEIC verbal test: Vocabulary Answers: Noun

n. brochure
heap; mound; wealth; fortune; group of buildings; dike; levee
intelligence; ability to think in a clever manner
leaflet; booklet; printed product information
part of a television or computer monitor where the picture is displayed

n. offence
viewpoint; outlook; vista; view
emptiness; available position; job opening
attack; misdeed; insult; transgression
concentration; ability to concentrate on an issue

n. disease
official date; meeting; interview; nomination
derailment; feeling of despair in the face of obstacles
appraisal; estimation; assessment
sickness; illness

n. discretion
caution; wisdom; careful judgment
tube; trachea; flute; toot
person who gives a test
structure built mainly of glass in which plants are cultivated out of season

n. coverage
organization; society; union; coalition; foundation
survey; review; news reporting; insurance
expenditure of money or effort for future benefits; authorization
opposition; appeal; denial; protest

n. claim
lawsuit; request; right
something which enhances or improves; addition or change which adds value to something
reporter; person who writes for a newspaper or magazine; correspondent
point of view; perspective

n. office
monetary or material worth; importance; merit
breadth; thickness
property; financial means; assets; main city of a country of region
chamber; bureau; incumbency; agency; authority

n. garner
prejudice; tendency; leaning
place where grain is stored; granary; storehouse; collection; store
punctuation mark in the form of a diagonal line (/); reduction; decrease
duty responsibility; indebtedness; agreement

n. task
restriction; force; limitation; limit
part of a population differing in some characteristic; state of being under legal age
job; assignment; obligation; role
relative highness or lowness of a sound; tar; asphalt; throw

n. yield
fitness; suitability; limitation; diploma or certificate stating one's abilities
a thin layer covering the surface of a liquid; film; thin layer
maltreatment; corrupt practice; foul language
harvest; return; produce; income; profit