TOEIC practice test: Improve Your Vocabulary

adj. late
reasonable; probable; possible; appropriate; promising
anesthetized; lacking sensitivity (to pain); in shock; senseless
plentiful; copious; profuse; full abounding with
coming or occurring after the usual or expected time; tardy; slow; delayed

adj. unsatisfactory
unable to wait; intolerant; restless
strongly desiring; keen; fervently interested
inadequate; disappointing; not good enough

adj. inbound
traveling in an inward direction
ceremonious; conventional; according to custom; stiff; strict; symmetrical
comprehensible; intelligible; rational; transparent; bright
superior; supreme; above all; of the highest rank; most important

adj. proof
significant; influential; essential; crucial; critical
shared; ordinary; mediocre; average; public
resistant; invulnerable; impervious; sealed; durable
earlier; antecedent; hasty; premature

adj. unfair
injurious; causing damage
gloomy; dark; depressing; sad; mournful
biased; dishonest
articulate; eloquent; able to read and write with ease; graceful; flowing

qdj. vacant
having a specified height; difficult to believe; exaggerated; challenging
empty; unfilled; unoccupied; lacking expression
impartial; equitable
sticking together; consistent

adj. assistant
advanced; ahead; ready; brash; of the future; progressive
serving as an aide; helpful; supportive; auxiliary
excellent; conspicuous; prominent; due
occurring on a regular basis

adj. obligatory
binding; compelling; must be done; necessary
answering; reacting (esp. positively or sympathetically)
strongly desiring; keen; fervently interested
invaluable; beyond any expressible value; very expensive

adj. similar
alike; having common qualities; comparable
difficult; complicated; rigid; stiff
continuing; enduring; remaining for a long time; durable
flawless; complete; undamaged

adj. prior
vital; essential; indispensable; unavoidable
earlier; antecedent; former
expendable; spoils rapidly; likely to spoil; mortal
produced; made; manufactured