World Inventions: 3 Creations from Australia

In this article, you will explore some notable inventions and creations that originated in Australia.

The Boomerang

The invention of the boomerang can be traced back thousands of years to the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. One day, while observing the flight of certain tree branches or pieces of bark, they discovered some of these objects, when thrown with skill and precision, would return to their throwers. They began crafting curved throwing sticks from local materials. As European settlers made their way to Australia, they came across this amazing creation and were enthralled by its capabilities. In fact, the word "boomerang" is a product of Sydney's Turuwal native language.


Known for its savory, salty flavor, the yeast extract spread known as Vegemite is a mainstay in Australian homes. Vegemite, created by Dr. Cyril Percy Callister in 1922, is a staple of Australian cuisine. Sandwiches, toast, and even dishes like cheese and Vegemite scrolls call for it.

Polymer Banknotes

Australia was a pioneer in the 1980s when it came to the introduction of polymer money. In comparison to paper banknotes, these are constructed of a form of plastic and therefore more robust, secure, and environmentally friendly. Since then, this technology has been used in numerous nations.

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