This Story Proves That Ryan Reynolds Was Born To Play Deadpool

When you cast a major superhero, you have to make sure that you make the right choice, or else face the wrath of the fans. Marvel did wonderfully when they cast Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, and although he was a bit taller than the comic character, Fox hit it out of the park when they cast Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. When it came time for Deadpool to be cast, nobody could have done it better than Ryan Reynolds.

    We all know that Reynolds was first cast as Wade Wilson in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but he has been in love with the character long before. According to a recent Talks at Google interview, he revealed that he was first introduced to the character in 2004.

    I was on a set, I was on the movie 'Blade Trinity'... It was a movie where I got to have a lot of fun. I got to do the movie with a lot of my friends... But I played a character in the movie that I guess resembles Wade Wilson and Deadpool, and a rival executive at another studio said "I saw a little piece of 'Blade', and, you know, you're Wade Wilson, you're Deadpool".
    I didn't know it at the time. This was in 2004, I didn't know who Deadpool was, and he said "Trust me, if they ever make a movie about Deadpool, you're the only guy that could play Deadpool."

Well this mysterious studio executive certainly knew what he was talking about. It must be flattering to be told that you are the only one who could play such an iconic character, but just wait, it gets better as the interview goes on.

    So he sent me over all these comics, and I'm not a big comic-book guy, but I really gravitated toward Deadpool. I fell in love with Deadpool. The first issue I opened up, I'm not making this up, I was on he panel. Like in the comic, it said Deadpool was saying "I look like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a shar-pei." And I was thinking, Jesus, this is f***ing destiny.

Destiny it is, Ryan. He was referring to the comic panel above, which illustrates more than anything else that Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. That's why since 2004, he tried for the next eleven years to try and get Deadpool the big-screen treatment.

After an actual Deadpool movie was in talks a couple of years ago, fans were pretty divided on the casting issue. Reynolds was naturally the front-runner, seeing as he played the character in Origins, but many fans were worried that the character's unfortunate portrayal would scar any future incarnation.

That was definitely not the case, as Reynolds's performance in the Deadpool movie was nothing short of incredible. It was everything that a Deadpool movie should be, and a large part of that is due to Reynolds's improv skill and overall love for the character. Even he thinks he was born to play the role.

When he was asked in the same interview about his preparation for the role, he responded:

    The prep for me was easy. It was basically being eased out of my mother's womb, and then being fed enough to grow into adulthood, and then beginning filming.

So for any of you that still think that Ryan Reynolds should have been re-cast as Wade Wilson, please go see the movie. You will see what we have all come to realize, and it's that nobody could play Deadpool like Ryan Reynolds.

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