Текст на английском языке: value of sports in American culture

Almost all Americans definitely love sports. Even if they don’t get any physical activity, they still go to games and competitions with their family. In this article we will explore how Americans view sports and how it impacts their daily life.

People in USA start to engage in sports from the early childhood. Studies show that 60 million American children play some kind of sports, and only 25% of them participate in one sport. Obviously, sports become part of their everyday life.

But it’s not only about physical activity. It teaches you about teamwork, discipline and endurance. Needless to say that sports bring Americans together from childhood, and they carry on this tradition – bringing their family to sports games, for example.

Different polls show that 90% of people in the US watch sports. The most popular one is soccer. It estimates more than 3 billion fans, which is mind-blowing.

Among the largest American sport evens are Super Bowl, WM Phoenix Open, NFL, NBA and MLB.

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