Presidential Elections In The USA

The political system of the USA has always been appealing to many due to its unique features. Today you may see how the President is elected, following the whole process step by step.

Announcement and Nomination Campaign

About one year before the election the candidates from the 2 main political parties (Republicans and Democrats) announce their plans to run for office and go on “tour” around the country to gain support.

National Convention

When the voters make their decision regarding a presidential candidate, a certain number of delegates are sent to the National Convention. They nominate an official candidate and combine party members.

Start of the Campaigns

Candidates give speeches publicly, and take part in discussions where they have to promote their beliefs, defend their points of view and answer challenging questions in front of the citizens and their rivals from the opposite party.

General Election

All the previous steps usually happen during the first half of the year. In November citizens select groups of electors to represent each state.

Electoral College

In the electoral college system each state gets a particular number of electors based on its representation in Congress. Each elector casts one vote following the general election, and the candidate who gets more than half (270) wins.


In January a formal ceremony is held to welcome the President of the USA.

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