English At Work With Common Jargon Phrases

Formal English is rapidly transforming into casual. Let’s find out which slang expressions became a part of modern business talk.


This word has been used for ages to describe the movements we do. Given its definition as a slang term the noun “action” is now used as a verb. For instance, you may hear something like “Can you action that?” which actually means “Can you do that?”.


This expression is commonly used in meetings that are related to implementing new ideas and strategies. HR managers, for instance, use the phrase “seek buy-in from employees” to find out whether they accept new work conditions.

Skill set

Not all slang words in English are meant to shorten sentences. The expression “skill set” is a good proof. It’s just a fad among business people to substitute “skills” with “skill set”.

Touch base

This phrase is commonly used in American baseball and at busy offices. In Business English “touch base” means “sign the contract” or “have a talk”.

Low-hanging fruit

This business expression says it all by simply referring to its direct meaning. As we know it’s a way easier to pick low-hanging fruits than those we have to reach for up high. Just like in business, it’s less tiring to take on easy tasks than those which may need extra effort. But if you only tend to choose “low-hanging fruit”, some of your colleagues may say you only get “quick wins”. This is not a compliment, by the way.

To learn modern slang expressions for everyday talks visit this page.

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