5 New English Words To Begin 2023

English slang is expanding almost every day. However, only some of the words and phrases that are popular in spoken English have been officially included in Dictionaries. Let’s find out which 5 words have been accepted by the linguists to use freely in 2023.

Side hustle

A side hustle is a noun, and it basically means “an extra piece of work to make more money along with one's full-time job”.

Example: I need to find a side hustle ASAP. Otherwise, I won't be able to buy the gift my girlfriend has been dreaming of.

Productivity theater

Another way to describe this phrase is “fake it till you make it”. If you have a colleague who seems to be extremely busy all the time, but you know for sure the reality is far from the presentation, you can easily call it “productivity theater”.

Example: I prefer working from home because I am tired of “productivity theater” orchestrated by my colleagues.

Place lag

Place lag is related to travelers just as the term “jet lag”. However, the place lag refers to the surprise travelers experience in a new city on arrival.

Example: The place lag hit her as soon as she entered the hotel.

Level up

This verb officially became a part of everyday speech. It used to be related only to video games when the players unlock another part of the game. Now you may freely use it as a synonym of the following verbs: update, improve, raise.

Example: I need to level up my closet while sales are still on.


This term came from a simple combination of the words “permanent” and “crisis”. If you feel like things go from bad to worse, and it seems endless, call it a permacrisis.

Example: I hope that the world permacrisis caused by Covid-19 and international conflicts will finally be over soon.

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